We have been a nationally certified full-service dental laboratory in Vancouver for over 36 years.  I am certified in complete dentures.  I have been active in continuing our post graduate education in all phases of dental laboratory materials and procedures.  We have studied under Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Bolender, Dr. Bob Winter and Dr. Bob Lee and are graduates of Oronathic Bioesthetics.  I am well-versed in all implant systems and are a preferred lab for Zimmer, Branemark, Straumen, and 3I.   Craig May is our specialist in all removables and Jake May is a Master Ceramist who studied with Dr. Ed McLaren at UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry. He graduated June 2006 and specializes in anterior Ceramics.


For crown and bridge, we use the Vita porcelain, VM13, and Vm9 from Germany, with a 73% type IV HN gold alloy, 50% Au HN white alloy, or a silver palladium alloy.  We have been using Sculpture/Fibrekor for porcelain inlays for many years with great success.  For more than three years we have been using LAVA for our milled coping all porcelain crowns for all normal crown and bridge application, as well as implant crowns.  We recommend LAVA for superior esthetic's and fit from 2nd bicuspid forward.  May Brothers Dental Lab is a Lava Design Center and has the capabilities to receive scanned files, Emax, is another system for crowns that is we proved for single tooth and 3 unit bridges, second Bicuspid forward.


We are pleased to offer brux splints mad with Clear Splint, a thermal plastic material that is especially comfortable and easy to seat.  Our dentures are processed with Diamond D using the Success System.  As an alternative for metal partials we offer TCS, and Flexstar nylon partials.  For older patients this is a great product that is virtually unbreakable.  Relines and repairs are returned the same day.  We strive to always deliver the Highest quality workmanship with e the best materials.  No one in Vancouver can compete with the quality of the Skilled Technicians that fabricate the dentures, partials, and splints at May Brothers.  Our clear splint is just $145.  Give us a try and put the stress of seating your cases behind you.

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Certified by the National Board for Certification of Dental Laboratories   |   Located in Vancouver, WA.   |   360.892.2433