Dentures are a removable prosthesis that replaces all missing teeth on each arch.

There are multiple appointments involved to fabricatenaturalc looking and functional


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Will this be your first denture? Are you needing extractions to your remaining natural

teeth and a denture made? Immediate dentures are a great option for this. These dentures

are made prior to your extractions and made based on models of your existing natural

teeth. Capturing an impression before any teeth are extracted, the size,shade,  length and width

of your teeth are measured and waxed up as a complete denture, one that is finished and

ready to be inserted the day of extractions.


Thesedentures  do however become looseduringrtheefirstr6emonthse ofdentureaplacement6 due to

boneresorption.and healing.  They can be temporarily relined with a tissue conditioner soft reline,

and at the 6 month period a hard reline is recommended to ensure a stable and proper fit.




Dentures and partials can be made to attach to implants in the alveolar ridges. When

insufficient retention is achieved based on the patients individual ridge sizes, implants can

be a solution to give the denture or partial increased retention and better patient

satisfaction. Lower dentures especially benefit from implants in that they do not achieve suction (retention). The tongue can move, the jaw can move, and many other factors can cause the lower denture move and lift off the ridge during normal wear. Implants can help “snap” the denture down onto the ridge allowing the patient to keep it in place much easier.




Partials are used when a patient is not completely edentulous. There are many styles and materials that can be used for individual fit and function. At May Denture Center, metal framework partials, acrylic partials and flexible partials are options. At the consultation a determination can be evaluated to see what style meets the patients needs and will achieve the function and aesthetic desired by both patient and provider.




Lab on site allows for quick repairs for patients in need of service. Most relines can be completed in about an hour, as are most repairs.


Relines and repairs are not always a solution to an underlying problem.  If a denture has recurring fractures in the same area, it is possible there can be occlusal issues, or it may need a reline to stabilize the denture or partial.




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