Logan V. May is a licensed Denturist in the state of Washington.


Logan grew up in Vancouver Washington where his practice is located. Having a father who

owns a dental lab with his family for over 35 years and is a certified dental technician, Logan learned at a young age about the art and skill that goes into prosthetic dentistry and dental lab procedures. All his life he has enjoyed drawing.  Using his artistic abilities, Logan is able to apply those skills in restoring his patients smiles.


Logan graduated from Bates Technical College in 2006, exceeding requirements and doing extra externship on the weekends with a fellow Denturist during schooling. After passing both the written  and practical exams in 2006 he opened May Denture Center. Working solely with denture and partial patients, Logan works closely with several Oral Surgeons and Dentists in Vancouver where he can recommend the best doctors to provide each patient great dental care beyond dentures and partials.




16111 SE McGillivray Blvd Ste H, Vancouver, WA 98683


M: (360) 931-8552  F: (360) 896-2088